Is Music School Necessary To Succeed As A Music Producer? – Interview With Jaka Bostjancic

I have had the great pleasure of talking to Jaka Bostjancic and here you can find everything we talked about.

Known as NGHTBLD, Jaka established his authority in the music industry and has started producing music when he was just 16. I was wondering how does one just suddenly decide he wants to do music full-time, and which steps Jaka personally took to get where he is now.

The first thing I wanted to discuss was his transition from “just playing piano” to making full songs with artists all over the world. “Playing piano was always a nice way to relax for me. I’d get home from school all tired, do my homework and play my piano afterwards. It’s like a kind of meditation and all I think about in that moment is how certain notes sound, that’s it. No worries, no stress, in that moment it’s just me and music.”

Still, there are thousands of professional pianists all around the world and not many of them decide to start producing, so I naturally wondered what motivated Jaka into music production.

“Like I mentioned in my other interviews already, it was the simplest decision I have ever made. There was no contemplating, should I do it, should I rather do photography, maybe I should just get a normal job, none of that happened. I don’t know, something just “clicked” in my mind and I was convinced – I wanted, needed, to make a living off music or die trying.”



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But, should upcoming music producers sign up for music courses either online or in music schools? Do they need a real education in order to succeed?

“Not at all! I had the luxury of being gifted with a talent and the bonus of going to music school for 6 years as a kid. But honestly, you don’t need that. You need talent, that’s for sure, but music school is far from necessary. I’m convinced that no single person alive doesn’t know what sounds good and what doesn’t, and that’s all you need to make music, as long as you’re willing to put the work in. If you know which tones sound good together, you can make chords. If you can make chords, you can come up with a melody on top. Then you add drums and kaboom, you just made a beat.”, Jaka answered.

Making music sounds so simple hearing it from him, just keep in mind that he’s been making it for over 5 years. “I still remember the first dozen of beats I made. At that time, I though those were amazing. But, I didn’t get any beat sales so I wondered what am I doing wrong. Only now I realize how bad those beats were. No wonder I didn’t get any sales, haha.”

As you can see, making music may sound simple at first, but music producers really do put a lot of work into their craft. And, I got the answer I was looking for. No, music school is not necessary to succeed!