Jaka Bostjancic’s thoughts on Slovenian music scene

Jaka Bostjancic is a Slovenian music producer who’s old just 20 years and he shared some of his thoughts on Slovenian music scene and explained why he brands himself as a worldwide artist.

Slovenia, for those of you who don’t know, is a small country near Italy and Croatia and has population around just 2M. As you can imagine, music scene is not huge there and can’t even compare to USA.

“It might be hard to grasp this, but even if you make it as an artist in Slovenia, you didn’t really make it. The whole scene is so small that even some of the biggest stars had to get an extra job to pay their bills, music alone couldn’t provide for them. Not saying this is the case with everyone, but it used to happen a lot.”

Jaka explained why he decided to sell his music worldwide instead of focusing on Slovenia alone. “There are a lot of rappers (my primary audience) in Slovenia and I could probably do well just selling my beats here. But in the USA alone, there are what…50, 100 times more rappers? So why would I focus on Slovenia, if I can easily triple my potential customers by selling in Italy, let alone the whole world…”

Taken by Jaka Bostjancic in his studio.

“Another thing, it seems like people don’t appreciate artists here as much as they do in other countries. Slovenians mostly listen to foreign music and if a Slovenian song starts playing on radio, they turn it off. That’s just the reality of it, really hard times for musicians here, except the ones who make traditional Slovenian music”, he says.