Dropshipping Will Never Die – Here’s Why

A very popular topic in the past year is Dropshipping. People who realized that this business model is doing millions of businesses around the world. Dropshippers have their own online shops, they do not have any camp or ever touching the goods they sell, they deal exclusively with digital marketing.

In short, the dropshipping business model is as follows:

You have your online store where you sell a variety of things, or even one thing.
You are not a manufacturer of goods, nor do you have any of these goods in stock. You never physically touch the goods you sell.
You’re dealing exclusively with marketing – bringing people to the site, optimizing conversions, Facebook Pixel, and all the things I’ve been writing on this blog for 10 years.
There is someone else on the goods and the stock (most often in China, but it can also be local). The manufacturer is engaged in production and gets from you X orders per day, which packaged and sent to people who ordered you.

Note: Before you think this is some kind of “easy hunt” – it may just work the way I wrote it, but to do this, you need a very good knowledge of marketing, social trends, and psychology of people. Read thoroughly everything I’ve ever written on the blog and if you are 100% clear, then you can slowly enter into this kind of business. In particular, you have to understand very well what is a sales funnel, a marketing pixel (primarily Facebook) and all its features, then retargeting, A-B testing, and perhaps the most important of all – a sense of people and their passion. If you want to learn how to dropship like a pro, check out this shopify ninja review.

Note 2: This is not affiliate marketing – it’s incomparably better than that because you are developing your brand.

At first glance, it looks like this is some kind of “reselling of goods,” but it’s not – this is incomparably more sophisticated, and even allows you to develop your own global brand, a thing that has not been as easy as it possibly could until recently.

Let’s say what Facebook Ad Manager looks like from Dropshipping Adriana Morrison. Impressive figures.