Michael Jackson’s Musical Legacy

​In 2010, ​Michael Jackson, was delighted with the posthumous pop music album. The enthusiasm did not last long - fans have been claiming that some vocals in the tracks do not belong to the late Jackson, but the label denies this.

​In a lawsuit filed by Vera Serov's fan against Sony in 2014, three songs - Breaking News, Keep Your Head Up and Monster - are postponed to the posthumous board.

​he vocals should belong to the imitator Michael Jackson. After years of judicial battles, the fan has not given up yet, and it does not recognize Sony's scam. "We have no reason to worry about us," ​the ​label says.

​60 Years since he was born

A late musician who, after his death, remains one of the world's largest musical earners, would be 60 years old this year. The king of pop died unexpectedly nine years ago, precisely at a time when he planned a great return to the stage. ​

However, his premature death did not diminish the popularity of his music, at most the opposite.

​He was already a boy in the band The Jackson Five, where he sang with four other brothers. In spite of the great success of the Boys' Choir, he decided, at the beginning of the 1970s, to become an independent​ artist. This decision made him one of​ the most successful entertainers of all time.

​his second album - an incredible success

In 1979, he released his first solo album entitled The Off The Wall, which sold 11 million copies in the list of best-selling albums in the world.

He reached the peak of his fame three years later when he sent a record label entitled Thriller to the musical shelves. The Thriller album, known for Beat It and Billie Jean's albums, will not lose its popularity for a long time - by 2017, it sold 33 million copies on home soil.

He came out in 1982 in the golden age of music when the albums were successfully sold and the American music television program MTV attracted new listeners.